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I'm trying to make this move again...

On July 1, I'm giving notice at my apartment and move in with my Grandma. This is the first big step I'm taking to making this move happen. Yesterday I submitted my resume to The Fairmont Royal Pavilion in Barbados. Now I'll wait and see what happens.

When I go back down in October, I'll go armed with a bunch of resumes and talk to all kinds of people. I'm really hopeful to be in Barbados by January 1, 2015.

Change of plans...

My plans for moving have changed slightly. I quit my job at the end of December, and while I was only unemployed 8.5 days before picking up a contract, I just didn't think I would be in the right financial position to move to another country in August 2010. So, I have pushed my move date back to January 1, 2011. I must say, this doesn't bother me in the least. I'm still going to do it. :) I just want to be smart about it.


Today I had lunch with the woman who works in the same building as me...she's got family in Barbados and she's offered to send my resume to her cousins. She also thinks that her grandfather will hire me to work in the canteen of his drive-in movie theatre. She also said that she can probably hook me up with an apartment. Turns out her aunt has a 1-bedroom apartment under her house that she rents out.


oh, and in other news, I've been invited to spend to some time with my friend's mom in Curacao. So I'm thinking of spending the month of July there. Which means I will be leaving my job at the end of June. :) And that means that I only have 155 working days left :)


Yesterday I paid off my Mastercard. Yay! I don't plan on using that card anymore, so it means a completely free, available card to help with my move.

Continued Countdown...

185 working days until I move....holy crap, that seems close.



So it turns out I know someone who has family in Barbados. I don't know her well, but our companies have partnered together on some bids and I've worked with her on a couple of them. Anyway, her grandfather owns a couple of theatres on the island. I've asked her if he might be interested in hiring me. I figure at this point it does no harm to ask.

something else to think about...

Last night I had a dinner with friends (a real close girlfriend and her boyfriend). We got to talking about my plan to move to Barbados and the subject rolled around to what I was going to do there. Both of them know that I would love to own my own restaurant someday...nothing big or fancy, just something that's mine. And he pipes up that if I move down there, and opening a small restaurant is something that I really want to do, that I know people back home who will help me make that happen. I looked at both of them, and he says, "I'd gladly front you the money to get that started and help you make that happen." So when I go down in February, not only am I going to be scouting out places to live, I'm also going to be scouting out locations to open a small canteen...

Everything about this feels right, and it's all falling into place. I am so meant to live in Barbados.

Banking stuff

I am no longer contributing to my nephews' RESP funds. That $50/month is now going towards paying off my debts. In other banking news, I think for the first 3 months I'm in Barbados, I will keep my accounts here in Canada and treat my time there like I'm on vacation. I'll do more research and fact-finding once I'm actually in the country. It's too hard from here, as RBC Canada and RBC Caribbean are two separate entitities and there's no way to connect my bank accounts.

Continuing the job search...

I found, and bookmarked, three more job/resume sites.

In other news, a coworker has a potential lead for me. She's getting some more information from her husband and then she'll help me submit me resume for it.